We are working extensively in the field of education. Clean and safe water was always a concern in every populated city we came across. This becomes a concern in Metro city Delhi with the population 18,686,902 and the city life moves at a high pace. Second major concern is the plastic waste, these city's producing and increasing the carbon footprints each day. iSatyaGram Food & Beverages Pvt. Ltd. has come up with a reasonable solution of Water vending, preserving the mother Earth from the ill effect of plastic pollution.

Some of the key features WOWGr8
  • Our water is environment friendly as we are offering water to drink in paper glasses.
  • We are using high technology to monitor the quality of water in our vending machines.
  • We serve RO water free from bacteria, suspended solids, virus and dissolved chemicals.
  • WOWGr8 is pure, sustainable and safe to drink.

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